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can't live without: reverse.gems beachcombing bag & beach ruler

In my last post How to find Tideline Treasure, I mentioned tools of the trade that come in handy when searching for sea glass. Top of my list is always Reverse.Gem’s beachcombing bag.

Reverse.Gem's beachcombing bag

Named Yoake (meaning ‘dawn’ in Japanese), this handy bag has endless benefits. For a start, it saves me a fortune in clothes that would previously end up with ripped, sandy pockets!

Yoake is the perfect size, with plenty of room for a whole day’s worth of beach finds and the sturdiness to carry them without breaking. The adjustable strap allows you to keep your hands free and, if you sometimes combine beachcombing with dog walking, Yoake fits a lead and tennis ball too!

For me, the best thing about Reverse.Gem’s bag is the tough mesh it is made from. The mesh allows me to wash any unwanted sand and dirt from my treasure without the risk of dropping and losing any, either in the sea or when I get home. Extra small finds – not a problem! Yoake also has a small inner pocket to hold those tiny treasures to keep them safe.

The mesh allows me to wash any unwanted sand and dirt from my treasure, either in the sea or when I get home.

Not only has she created the beachcombing bag, but Christina – the genius behind Reverse.Gem – has also created a beach ruler too!

Reverse.Gem's Beachcombing Ruler

The ultimate tool for sorting your glass, pottery, shells, pebbles and everything else, this handy ruler has made my life 100% more organised. The ruler is the perfect companion for those of us that create jewellery and other crafts with our finds.

For a chance to win your very own beach ruler, head on over to my Instagram on Monday 26th November!

To order your beachcombing bag and beach ruler, visit Reverse.Gem’s website - there is currently a great offer when you order both together as gift set.

Check out Christina's Instagram too – she collects the most amazing sea glass from Japan with her gorgeous beach buddy, Mr Sab.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any handy beachcombing tools that you can't live without in the comments below...


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